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The purpose of this website will continue to include the usual insanity, fear not, but we all need to pick up the pace here and see where it will lead.  See, I just bought some new software and it's pretty durn powerful and I'm testing it out and will be using the Foster's Store site here as its first guinea pig.  Any ideas about what you'd like on this site,....PLEASE!!!!  let me know. 


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Doug & Jan Putnam have added a whole bunch of photos.  I know there are more out there.

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circa 1970

New Photo Gallery

New Friend's of Foster's Page from

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Pictures of Building

News December 2006

Store mate O'kelley has New Webpage

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Spotlight Award October 2006


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Miloville Creators Lankford, Carmichael, and Harrell, are joined by Catwoman during recent

Research and Development Sabbatical In Dahlonega Georgia. 

The Miloville book has a planned release date sometime in Spring of 2007. Stay Tuned!

Oh, Milo has his own webpage now.  It's just getting started.  Give it some time.

West Georgia Plans Construction of new Football Stadium

Stadium Seats With Foster's Store Name on Brass Plaques Proposed.

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Yes, it is amazing thatold pictures  still keep showing up.

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Get ready for Foster's Store Follow Up Book!

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July 15, 2006

 Sycamore Place Gallery & Studios 

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Readings by Store mates and other stuff.

June 24, 2006 Atlanta GA 7 PM

A Capella Books

484-C Moreland Ave. NE

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Fosterians at A Capella book signing June 24, 2006

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Mike Arons Checks In

The First Atlanta GA Book Signing was  held at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library  June 17th at 3 PM. 

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Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

More Pictures to come.

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  Lankford & Carmichael

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Barnes & -

                                               Hortons Carrollton GA                         Carter Library Atlanta


The First Book signing was April 15, 2006 at Horton's Bookstore in Carrollton GA.  Pictures Here!


Milo thinks there's a movie here.  To find out why, click on this sentence!

If you've had a chance to read the whole book and would like to post a review or a short comment about the book, click HERE!  A blank email document will appear with "Here's a New Review" in the subject line.  When I get a few of them, I will post them here for all.  



Foster’s Store


A subculture of the

times and of

West Georgia College


Some partied like there was no tomorrow

and for some,

there was no tomorrow

Semi-sociological deja vu


The surviving lab rats


Foster’s Store is about coming of age. It is as

much about wild parties and college life as it is

about a place in history where a generation

had it all, but at the same time, “all” turned out

to be so fragile and fleeting for so many. It

wasn’t just another generation discovering its

    collective consciousness, but a “new “generation     

fully equipped with new flavors of knowledge

and circumstances. We searched for or

stumbled into realities, which put the truths we

                     were fed and raised on by loving parents from                       

the Greatest Generation into question. Almost

every truth we’d ever known was now in doubt.

We were a generation raised on fear, taught to

dive under school desks to survive a nuclear

Armageddon and to trust in God if nothing else

worked. We grew up with it, we toed the

company line, but we didn't like the feeling. The

churches said it was OK to kill a commie for

Christ, but for some reason love ended up

feeling better to us than hate. Where did our

parents go wrong? Something had to give and

a lot of things did.

Birth control pills made the sexes equal. The

ways we got our kicks were constantly changing.

At some point out there at Foster’s store

there were more people back from a war than

would ever go. That had never happened

before. The luck of a draw could kill you or save

you. There were things that were inspiring to

some and downright dangerous to others.


Then,. some say it's all a bunch of nonsense.




This is a book of essays from a whole bunch

of people and the subject matter is from a

a long time ago. A team of investigative

reporters, let alone archaeologists, could not

certify the accuracy of events recounted in

much of this volume. What you have here are

our contributors best recollections, colored

by powerful emotions, of some of the best- and-

worst years of their lives. Therefore, Oak

Valley Press, Inc. disclaims responsibility for

any mishap that might befall any person or

institution as a consequence of these faded

memories being shocked into life by print.

While we are unaware that reading this

volume will produce dangerous side effects

down the road of time, we must warn our

readers of a spreading rumor that eating

certain pages of this tome will cause its masticators

to experience effects not unlike the

accounts described herein.

Crazy idea! However, we have warned you

and therefore deny liability to potential

eaters of this book for any debility should you

disregard our warning and eat the thing

anyway. In Fact, Bon Appetit!







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